Liqui Moly.

A brand that moves and fills with enthusiasm.


Enthusiasm – the driving force behind all our thoughts and actions. With their dedication and passion, their ideas and abilities, our more than 800 employees have made LIQUI MOLY what it is today: a globally renowned manufacturer of premium quality lubricants, motor oils, additives, vehicle care products, chemical repair tools, service products, glues and sealants. A global trademark for top quality that fills customers with enthusiasm. A worldwide brand, made in Germany.
Founded in Germany over 50 years ago, Liqui-Moly is one of Europe’s leading brands of high quality lubricants and fuel & oil additives. Working closely with many of the world’s best car makers.
Liqui Moly products are developed, tested and certified to the exacting standards you would expect of a leading German manufacturer. Liqui-Moly formulations are ideal for prestige, performance, muscle and classic cars as well as 4WD’s and competition engines. Liqui Moly’s main product is motor oil with molybdenum disulfide but there are also other lubricants with molybdenum disulfide and the additive molybdenum disulfide itself to be added by the end user during oil changes. Molybdenum disulfide enhances the lubrication quality of the oil and offers emergency operating features under harsh conditions. It can be added to motor oils and to non-motor oils including gear oil, transmission oil or differentials oils. From this additive, an entire range was developed, with over 4000 products including engine and gear oils, additives and vehicle care products, workshop equipment and service products.
In Germany, Liqui Moly is one of the leading producers of engine oils. Liqui Moly products are now sold in 120 countries. A wide range of Liqui Moly products are now available in Zambia.
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